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Zhou Mi Weibo and Twitter Update | 140821

周觅MI:Very honoured to accept good friends’, Miss A Jia and Yang Jin Hua, invitations to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge, hope more people can really understand ALS sufferers through this movement, really pay attention to ALS rare disease!! Here I am taggin He Jun Xiang, Chen Yi Ru and Tao to take part, hope the care can be continued (heart) (Thanks to videographer Miss A Jia) (T)


Mamacita in spanish is essentially used by men to basically say they like what they see, usually it’s used in a very romantic, flirtatious way

it’s like the equivalent of a man in america saying “hey hottie" "baby" or calling a girl "hot mama!" lmao

vice versa a girl would call her boyfriend or a boy she’s interested in “papacito” with the same tone

….so can i call oppa papacito from now on???

Starting August 29, Super Junior will return with a fresh new album with the title song Mamacita (Ayaya). The comeback will begin with KBS’ Music Bank on August 29 and continue with MBC’s Music Core on August 30, and SBS’ Inkigayo on August 31, showing the fans what the group has been preparing for. 

While the comeback performances will begin on August 29, the seventh album will be released on September 1. 

Super Junior will also be holding its Super Show 6 on September 19, 20, and 21 in Seoul before traveling outside of Korea for its world tour. 


(Source: fuckyeahsuperjunior)

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